Franchising in Baltimore County: What Types of Support Are Available?

Are you considering franchising in Baltimore County? Learn about the top franchise opportunities available in Baltimore, Maryland including P3 Cost Analysts, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, Blue Moon Estate Sales, 7-Eleven Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Rise, and mor

Franchising in Baltimore County: What Types of Support Are Available?

Are you considering franchising in Baltimore County? If so, you'll need to focus on finding the right industry for your skillset and target market, selecting the ideal location for your franchise, and choosing an opportunity that provides ample support. To help you get started, we've evaluated some of the top franchise opportunities in Baltimore, Maryland. For instance, P3 Cost Analysts is a cost-reduction company that offers a great franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to help other businesses save money and increase their profits.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

is another popular option with high returns, low competition, and reasonable upfront costs.

Blue Moon Estate Sales is the number one property sales business on the East Coast and has listed Maryland as a popular market. When evaluating these franchise opportunities, consider factors such as franchise fees, liquid capital, royalties, initial investment, brand value, and growth prospects. Before beginning any work, the county must receive and accept an original franchise agreement signed along with a check payable to Baltimore County (Maryland) for the full amount of the associated basic compensation (as shown in Annex C).Home services franchises can be a great option in Maryland due to the large and growing market for home maintenance and repair services.

7-Eleven Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

provides some historical data on the financial performance of existing stores.


is a low-cost business and franchise opportunity in Baltimore that focuses on making it easier to convert. The abundance of elderly people and wealthy families in Maryland also indicates that a real estate franchise that specializes in selling real estate is likely to succeed in the state.

Fransmart has identified several emerging brands as top emerging franchises for Baltimore entrepreneurs to become a franchise owner. When looking for franchises for sale in Maryland, make sure to find where your area of expertise overlaps with demand in your preferred market. Additionally, Maryland has one of the highest rates of college achievement which can provide access to a skilled and productive workforce for a franchise.